Greetings !

Every year I donate to SeneVallois Dakar School as a way of returning the gifts I received from my country, which was such a big influence on my becoming an artist and the direction of my work.

 This year, as the program is getting bigger, I am working to find ways to increase my contribution to the school in order to give these children the same opportunities I was lucky to get.
The school has completed the first phase of construction— two of three classrooms have been built. The third classroom and a library are the next phase that need financial support.

This is a very personal project for me. I have invested a great deal of my own resources towards its success. I have firsthand knowledge of the area and people involved in bringing this dream to life!  For me, it’s a very solid foundation with a strong will and vision since day one. I’ve really enjoyed seeing them develop and run with  very small resources and get to where they have arrived today. You can help as well. 
I am offering nine works for purchase from my early personal collection that connect deeply to my upbringing in Dakar. This body of work had set the trajectory for me to really find my voice and the style of painting to embrace the craftsmanship and the dialog I engage in everyday. Reflecting back, I’m very fulfilled and greatly satisfied of the result that this early work has embedded in me, and continues to evolve.
20% of the proceeds from sales of this work will go to the construction of the final classroom and library. Your purchase will increase the donation to the program and bring the final phase to reality! We are so close! 

*shipping $30 per work


Please feel free to contact me at : or (305) 923-7673.

 #01 "One Bright Future."
 Oil and mixed media on panel. 
20" x 18" $1,000.00
 #02 "The Things Who Protect Us."
Oil and mixed media on canvas.
14" x 11" - $500.00
 #03 "Disorganized moderation.!"
 Oil and mixed media on panel.
16" x 16" -  $900.00
 #04 "The Little Soul"
 Oil and mixed media on panel.
20" x 11"  -  $400.00
 #05 "We All Arrive To The Same Place."
Oil on canvas.  
16" x 15"  -   $800.00
 #06 "There Is No Other Place To Go"
Oil on canvas.
19" x 15"   $800.00
#07 "The good fight."
Oil and mixed media on panel.
20" x 20" $1,000.00
 #08 "Stop Screaming"
Enamel on board.
 13.5" x 7" $500.00
 #9 "Where Is The Future?"
Enamel on board.
13" x 16" $600.00